Andalusia, Vienna and Czech republic 21/22

At the end of the year, I went to Andalusia, Vienna, and the Czech Republic. The first idea was to visit Jordan and maybe Israel. But Wizzair canceled our flight from Vienna. With Boštjan we had the option to fly from Budapest on different dates or find a flight from Vienna.

So we chose Vienna while we already had bus tickets. In Andalusia, I visited Sevilla before, but it was my plan to return there. Ryanair had a flight from Vienna to Alicante and back from Malaga. We changed to Valencia while friends in Alicante were not at home at the time. So in one week in Spain we saw Valencia, Murcia, Granada, Codoba, Sevilla, Cadiz, Gibraltar, Malaga.

I didn’t want to end it in Vienna and Boštjan had to return home. So I said I would stay in Vienna and continue to the Czech Republic (Brno, Rožnov, Prague) for New Year’s eve to visit some friends.

Below you can find links to daily events and a review of costs, transportation, accommodation, weather, food and drinks, things to see, COVID restrictions. It was intense moving with lots of friends, beautiful places, and experiences.

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I used different means of transport (airplane 3,800 km, bus 1.200 km, train/metro 1.300 km, car 700 km). But there was also walking. In this time I walked 165 km, 8-22 km daily, which took 2-4 hours daily. It all amounted to 375 €, probably 75 € of those not necessary. By the kilometer traveled, it is the cheapest on foot, then by plane, BlaBlaCars, by bus, and the most expensive is the train. About transport in more detail, I wrote below.

Sister took me to the station, Flixbus to Vienna airport was 20 €, the flight with Ryanair to Valencia was 12 €, from the airport bus was 3 €, the bus to Granada was 44 €, the bus Cordoba 18 €, Bla Bla cars Sevilla 7 €, Bla Bla cars Cadiz 9 €, Bla Bla cars Gibraltar 7 €, bus to Malaga with extra 22 €, metro to Malaga airport 2 €, flight to Vienna 21 €, from airport to Vienna 3€, daily Vienna metro ticket 8 €, train to Brno 8 €, train to Rožnov 15 €, train to Prague 28 €, public transport ticket 1 €, train to Ljubljana 112 + 15 €, taxi home 6 €.

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First night on the bus and airport, almost without sleep. In Valencia, The River hostel was located in an old town, average shared room, lower bunk bed, and ok bathroom, good shared space, helping staff, 12 €. In Granda, we stayed at ECO hostel, a nice, bit of problem checking after midnight, enough space, 16 €. Pension Javier in Sevilla was shitty, 12 €. Hostel Casa Caracol in Cadiz had a nice vibe and roof terras, 15 €. In Malaga, we stayed 2 nights in Lights hostel in the center, got a cup of sangria for free, has a rooftop terrace, 19 €.

In Vienna first night at Wombats Nachtsmarket, nice, 30 €. Second night took bed close to the station at a&o hostels, without soul, 17 €. In Brno, I stayed at a hostel Eleven, 12 €. In Rožnov I stayed in Zbynek’s place. In Prague, I stayed at the hostel HomeR, but labyrinth and complex entrance, in old town historical house, didn’t even use it, 30 €.

So in these 12 nights, I spent some on the floor in the airport, on the bus, parting in pub/club, in nice to shitty hostels/pension,s and at a friend’s home. It amounted to 170 €, less than 15 € per night. So I can say it was on the low-budget aspect of the trip. In comparison, I paid at Otočec 200 € for 1 night.

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Food and drinks

So food was around 200 € and drink similar around 200 €. We ate from pastry from the bakery, fast-food to traditional food and steaks. As for drinks, beer was dominant, but also some wine and shots were there.

We started with some homemade sandwiches (breaded chicken file) and Boško brought some Havana club and Coke to celebrate my birthday. In Valencia, we had some fast-food pasta – 7€ and kebab plate for 7 €, the next day we had some mix of local food for 13 €. In Murcia, we took some food from the bakery for 3 €. Some mix of interesting foods we tried in Granada, 9 €. In Mc, we stopped in Cordoba, 10 €. Bakery at Sevilla was 5 €. Christmas dinner for 10 € in Cadiz hostel. In Malaga from kebab 6 € to fish 22 € and risotto 15 €. At the airport, we tried Burger king, 10 €. In general, beer was from 1 € in the shop to 3 € for IPA in the hostel.

In Vienna, the schnitzel was 23 € and chicken wings 12 €. Mulled wine was 4 € and beer from 2 to 5 €. In the Czech republic hosts paid mostly for food (traditional meals) and drinks (beer and shots). But in Brno, I had a traditional meal for 8 €, in Prague deer steak for 20 € and at station goulaš 2 € and tomato soup 2 €. Beer here is in the bar from 1 to 4 €.

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Things to see

Valencia – even I was already there. we have done again similar circle. The main attraction is Jardi del Turia, a dried riverbed is now a set of parks, it ends with a City of Arts and Science with interesting architecture. Also walk in the old town with the cathedral, market, La Lonja, in El Carmen neighborhood there is interesting street art.

Murcia – we had just 2 hours there. So walk in the old town, the main square with the cathedral, and pass the Christmas market and nativity scene.

Granada – again old town with a cathedral and Albaicín district. But the main attraction here is Alhambra (14 €), a Moorish citadel on a hill with great palaces worth visiting.

Cordoba – an old town with small streets and white houses. But again main attraction is Moorish Mosque restructured into a Cathedral – Mezquita (11 €) with famous red-white arcades.

Seville – old town with cathedral with Moorish tower. Also, Plaza de Espana is worth visiting inside Maria Luisa Park.

Cadiz – this small coastal town beside the old town with cathedral and Tavira tower offers access to see, best at Caleta beach

Gibraltar – this small British enclave on the peninsula has Rock Hill with a park that has free-living apes accessible by stairs or cable car.

Malaga – Mediterranean coastal town. here you have an old town with a cathedral, Roman theater, and a castle on the hill but the beach is the main spot.

Vienna – a great city with a long history. Again main old town is around Stephan Cathedral. One can go to Schonbrun Palace, Prater Park, or Hundertwasser House.

Brno – the capital of Moravia, again nice old town with many churches and a castle on the hill, don’t miss the statue

Rožnov pod Radhoštěm – a nice town in Wallachia, here you have a nice open-air ethnographical museum (5 €), and you can visit a local brewery for some beer tasting.

Prague – another great city with a long history. In the old town, you start at the astronomical clock, cross Charles Bridge, and over Mala Strana climb to Hračani castle.


This trip was a combination of the low-budget first week and the less tight second part. In Spain, I spent less than 500 €. Last days I spent more than 500 € even though I was hosted in the Czech republic.

The transportation was 370 €. The accommodation was 170 €. For food and drinks, I paid 400 €. The entrance fees were 40 €. So with some extra cost for postcards, shave, cigarettes lost sleeping bag and other misc I spent a bit more than 1000 €.


In Spain, we had warm weather, 15 to 20 C. Granada and Cordoba were a bit colder while they are inland and higher. Two days we had rain, in Cordoba and in Gibraltar. On the coast (Valencia, Cadiz, Malaga) the weather was warm and sunny so in Malaga we even swam.

In Vienna the weather was awful, the first day it was below 0 C and the second day it rained.

Czach republic was warm, as I come to Brno it was foggy and the snow started to melt. In Prague, it was 12 C.

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COVID restrictions

COVID was one thing that influenced this trip as well. To be on the safe side I took a booster vaccine shot in November.

It was a good decision because in Austria it was necessary to enter. Also there you should have FFP2 mask and not a surgical one. I bought it at the airport. Everything was closed there at 22h.

In Spain you needed to fill a form and have COVID pass. In the beginning, I thought you needed a mask inside and later also outside.

In the Czech Republic was similar, form, COVID pass and mask. For new years eve, things were open the whole night.

To be sure I am not spreading something I took quick test in Brno and on return also one at work.

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