Vienna 21

This was another slow day. First I woke at 7 but it was too early. A few hours later I packed and checkout at 11h. Bought a few things in the shop for breakfast, for 4 €.

Vienna 21 1

I moved to the train station and bought a ticket to Brno for the next morning, 8 €. I searched for a hostel in the vicinity, a&o hostel, missing something there, 17 €. There I took a nap. In the afternoon we met again with Borut and Miriam. The daily metro ticket was 8 €.

vienna main train station
Vienna main train station

We searched for a Christmas market away from Stephan Platz but had no luck. We stopped at Einstein pub for dinner, close to Rathaus, big portions, chicken wings 12 €. The outside was very cold.

vienna rathaus
Vienna Rathaus

Our next stop was close to Sweden Platz. We had a few beers there, 30 €. At 22h they rudely kicked us out. It was time for farewell while the next day I should be up at 5:30. With the metro, I returned back to the hostel.

Vienna 21 2

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