Brno 21

I woke up early, 5:30. An hour later I was on a train. There were some problems with seats because they changed coaches. But the train was nice, multimedia, wifi, water, newspapers, view of deer and rabbits running in fields.

Brno 21 1

After 8 am I arrived in Brno. It was time for toilet, coffee, ATM so I went to Mc. then I walked around the old town. I had extra time so I went to the hipster barbershop. Hair wash, cut, wet towel shave, coffee, almost 50€ with tip.

Brno 21 2

Then Štepan came to pick me. The next stop was at the Adacta office. Martin joined us for lunch in Stopkova Plzenska Pivnice in a nice building, I had Svičkova, 8 €. Now we had to take care of next day train tickets at the train station and bed at the hostel Eleven for tonight, 12 €.

Brno 21 3

Tomaš joined us and we had a tour of the city, with the church, castle, and special view of a horse statue from below, some mulled wine.

Brno 21 4
horse’s head from below

We went to a beer shop for different kinds of beers. So it was office time. Also, Pavel came, there we had shots and beers. In between for a break, we went once to a rooftop and a second time to a bar. Guys had obligations so we didn’t last long. But it was enough for me as well as I am getting old.

Brno 21 5

I hadn’t felt this welcome for a long time. Really nice time in Brno. I hope I will return the favor next time they are in Ljubljana

Brno 21 6

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