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baobab avenue, Morondava, madagascar


Trip to Madagascar was from 2.2. until 19.2.2019, altogether 17 days, 2 days to in from and rest on the island. In that time we made over 20.000 km. Mostly it was done in...

antananarivo, madagascar


The next morning after breakfast we went to Rova with taxi 15 000 ARI. Entrance to Queen palace with guide 60 000 ARI. While this is the highest spot in the capital city it...

Three Horses Beer in Toliara, Madagascar, Africa

Toliara again

After breakfast, we packed and we were on our way back to Toliara. It took 1 hour with a speed boat, where zebu cart took us to the beach. We rented Renault 5 taxi...

boat, anakao, madagascar

Anacao #3

Again after no sleep, it was time for a boat trip, 120 000 ARI. We missed breakfast. Pirogue with motor and Juventus sail took us together with Niko (Italian) and Alberto (Spaniard). First, we...

Anacao bungalow, Madagascar, Africa

Anacao #2

I started relaxed morning, late waking up, eat some breakfast. The whole day was easy. After I gave some laundry I went swimming and rested at the beach in front of our place. Girls...

Anacao, Madagascar, Africa


After no sleeping, we packed and with a 1-hour ride on tuk tuk went to Toliara. From there we went to a shopping mall for breakfast, find ATM to stock on cash again. Next,...

cat resting, Mangily, Madagascar, Africa

Mangily #3

The next morning we got a letter from Marko who was waiting for us at reception, asking to meet with him later at his place. We went to Chez Lala, Marko made us Slovenian...

sailing, Mangily, Madagascar, Africa

Mangily #2

In the morning we had breakfast at Ifaty beach club. From there we moved to Maro loco a few hundred meters along the beach while it was much cheaper. There we met Iztok, a...

room, Ifaty, Madagascar, Africa


We woke up late and then we packed. It was hot, we went to the bank but it was closed. We had banana under a big tree in the park, even locals were hiding...

home made vechicle, Madagascar, Africa


After constant movement for 1 week, it was resting time in Toliara. First time we didn’t need to weak up early and pack. But it was time for resting in bed, watching strange TV...