mada landscape
mada landscape

Trip to Madagascar was from 2.2. until 19.2.2019, altogether 17 days, 2 days to in from and rest on the island. In that time we made over 20.000 km. Mostly it was done in 5 flights. On the road we made 3.000 km, most of it with driver in 4×4, Vesna drove 500km, old taxis 200km, tuk-tuk 50km. We even tried a zebu cart and pousse-pousse. On fast boat and pirogue, we spent 10h. We walked and climbed in NPs and cities some 100 km.

We slept in different places. The price range was from 5€ (no working fan) to 20€ (really good place) per person per night. Eat from 1€ (with locals) to 10€ (fancy), mostly zebu or fish. For lobster on the beach, we paid 5€. Usually, beer was 1€, cigarettes also 1€, water 50 cents but the price can vary. So if I include all costs (tickets, insurance, transport, food, sleeping, drinking, entrance, souvenirs, airport, …) I spent around 1900 €. More than expected but I wasn’t holding back. While we traveled in the rainy season it meant low touristic season. But it had more benefits than not; everything was green, lower prices, fewer tourists. Minus was we couldn’t see some places (Tsingy park). The trip as a whole was a nice experience with all we saw while moving around. But again for me was more important social part of it; sharing it with Andreja and Vesna, meeting old friend Iztok, making new ones Andriamialy (aka Jerry), John, Marko, Niko, Alberto and others.


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