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HOLIDAYS-2021 Slovenia & neighbors

Prazniki 2022 HOLIDAYS-2021 Slovenia, Avstria, Italia, Croatia, Hungary The tables below list public holidays and non-working days in Slovenia and neighboring countries. Weekends are marked in red, and working holidays are in italics. HOLIDAYS...

HOLIDAYS-meaning, Slovenia and neighbors

HOLIDAYS-meaning, Slovenia and neighbors

HOLIDAYS Slovenia and neighbors Slovenia New Year New Year’s Day is a public holiday in Slovenia and it is day off. It marks the beginning of the new year according to the Julian calendar....

Blog after 3 years 1

Blog after 3 years

In third year traffic doubled an accumulated almost same amount as previous 2 years (50k visits). So I 3 years it was 100k visits, from 170 countries. Organic traffic is now more than one...

Barbariga – apartment (rental)

Barbariga – apartment (rental)

Barbariga (description of the settlement on the link) is a tourist settlement in the west of Istria, between Pula and Rovinj. Our family has had this apartment there since 1990. When we are not...

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Slovenian travel blogs

When I started writing my blog, I was inexperienced and was looking for blogs with similar content for inspiration. In a couple of months, a list of over 100 blogs was created. I believe...

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Blog statistics after 2 years

As for a first year, I also look back on how were things with the blog in 2021. I chose to compare just statistics by Jetpack. There is a slight increase in both visitors...

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Lost & found at Vienna airport

I am going to explain my experience with Lost & found at Vienna airport. In short, they don’t provide the best service. I went on a trip to Andalusia and had a flight from...



After the flood in our house, we had to refurbish the bedroom. I first bought a grey bed, but it was a problem to find matching dresser/drawers. So I find something suitable at IKEA,...

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Flying – best advice

It is possible to travel by various means of transport. But for longer distances, a plane is the best alternative. Traveling by plane has its rules. Here are ways to get the most out...

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My path to owning a blog

Most of us, travel blog owners, have similar stories. We started to travel. We like it so we continued and develop a passion for it. In time photos and stories accumulated and we wanted...