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When I started writing my blog, I was inexperienced and was looking for blogs with similar content for inspiration. In a couple of months, a list of over 100 blogs was created. I believe there are at least 30 more that I have not recorded. The list includes such pages that can be compared to world blogs, to those created to describe a particular route. This record is created to make it easier for those who are starting to follow me, or just to offer a comprehensive overview of travel content in one place for those who enjoy reading it.

The first blog that is still active today is from 2000. By 2010, an additional 10 will be collected. Each subsequent year, a couple will join them. They stand out in 2015, 2017 and 2019, where 15 new blogs are created. For some 25, the age of the domain could not be determined. According to international research, less than half of blogs persist for more than 3 years.

I will devide them in 3 groups:

  • Quality – these are blogs that have a tradition, their content is quality, they regularly publish new articles, they are up to date in design and Google and SEO tools give them a good rating
  • Intermediate – these blogs are still high quality, but they do not meet at least one of the above criteria
  • The rest – there are mostly blogs that do not have their own domain or have not published new articles for many years, but you can still find good content here

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