Birdie Foodielab at Trnovska vrata

After a long time, we met again with friendds. This time we have chosen something new for the meeting place. Danijela suggested Birdie Foodielab, a bistro located in Trnovske vrata. The restaurant was opened in December 2021 by up-and-coming guys. In the beginning, it was just the Vuk and Tom, who are later joined by Rok. The concept itself is interesting, they are open from Wednesday to Saturday from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., they have 5 tables, the menu is weekly (4-8 dishes), the food is served to be shared, they cook on the fly for individual tables, they use quality ingredients, but they don’t complicate things with heavy sauces, foams, crisps and such, reservation is necessary (so they can plan quantities).

birdie foodlab - dunja
birdie foodlab – dunja

A little after 19:00, Danijela picked me up (she had trouble finding me) and we found a parking space behind the bar. Somehow I made my way to the restaurant. which is modern and nicely furnished. While we’re waiting for Nina and Miha, we order quince for an aperitif and snacked on olives, prosciutto and chips. Soon we are all at the table and Vuk gets everyone a drink and a box for me to raise my leg.

birdie foodlab-predjedi
birdie foodlab-predjedi

Since the menu is lighter, from the sea most of us opt for a lighter white wine, from Simčič. For starters, they serve 4 different plates: beetroot, which seems quite fresh because of the lemon juice and mint, tuna tartar with wasabi (my favorite starter), burrata with anchovies and sea bass carpaccio with strawberries (Roku’s favorite at the next table). Served with delicious bread. It was quite a start.

birdie foodlab-gazpacho
birdie foodlab-gazpacho

After a cigarette break, it was time for gazpacho, which I’m not a fan of, but it was OK.

Birdie Foodielab at Trnovska vrata 1
glavna jed

For the main course, we had more of the seafood again, sea bass fillet in a butter sauce with lemongrass (my favorite), vongole instead of dondol on a white buzara (Miha was impressed), spring onion confit and fries (it was too salty).

Birdie Foodielab at Trnovska vrata 2
panna cotta

We finished with dessert, panna cotta with strawberries. One more cigarette, we had a little discussion with the boys and it was time to say goodbye. The menu is €50 per person, and with drinks it added up to almost €80. Danijela, richer for the box from Bibbiena (where I found the phone), drove me home around half past ten.

birdie foodlab-menu
birdie foodlab-menu

It was certainly an interesting experience of this slightly original concept, the food was delicious (minus the fries), the price is on the borderline, the location is not ideal and there is no garden where you could sit down for at least one cigarette. Anyway, I would recommend them as a whole experience.

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