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lvov-lviv, ukraine, train station

Ireland, Poland, Czechia, Lvov and Graz

The initial plan was to visit North Korea in August, but it remains closed till August 2024. So I searched for an alternative and Ireland came to mind as I didn’t visit it yet....

Wrocław's dwarf

Krakow and Wroclaw

I woke up early after the bathroom packing followed. On check out, I got a lunch box for breakfast (sandwich-dry bread, dessert with apples, Coca-Cola Zero). At the kiosk bought cigarettes 500 UAH, to...

lvov train station


I woke up at 7 a.m., showered, finished packing, and checked out. A few minutes walk to the station, tuna sandwich x2 and water, 19 PLN. Next was 9h ride with Flixbus to Lvov....

The Royal Castle in Warsaw


I didn’t sleep too well, the room was by the main road and noisy, the bed was far from soft, and roommates were coming the whole night back to the room. I woke at...

ola, wroclaw, poland

Wroclaw #3

We arrived to hostel at almost 9 AM, we took beds for 1 more night. I just slept 3h because all of redbull, drank 3l of water, talked to Aleksandra and Marta at reception....

pawel, wroclaw, poland

Wroclaw #2

Late waking up and it was already time to meet with Pawel. Eating in SPA was cheap, less than 20 PLN for multiple dishes and juice. Pawel explained to us about the current student...

wroclaw, poland

Wroclaw #1

In the morning we went around town and it surprised me. It had beautiful churches, the main square, a lot of bridges with many rivers. Later I found out it is also a UNESCO...

auschwitz, poland


After late breakfast, we finished packing and went in front of the hostel, where we performed stopping of the bus (9 PLN) by waving. We traveled on the bus from 11 AM till 12:30....

Wawel, krakow, poland

Krakow #2

Late in the morning we woke and went out. National Museum was closed while there was some NATO meeting. I bought some souvenirs for 10 PLN. We went to Wawel castle (36 PLN) and...

St Mary’s Church, krakow, poland

Krakow #1

While we turn in early we woke at 3 AM went for a cigarette and back to bed. A few hours later morning was not easy. But we took some pills, grabbed a bite...