Krakow and Wroclaw

I woke up early after the bathroom packing followed. On check out, I got a lunch box for breakfast (sandwich-dry bread, dessert with apples, Coca-Cola Zero). At the kiosk bought cigarettes 500 UAH, to spend the last local currency. And again ride with Flixbus 64 €, this time to Krakow. But 5 km from the border we stopped and the driver told us we would probably be waiting around 8h.

lvov, lviv, trin station
lvov, lviv, train station

I got off the bus and got a ride in the van to the border with help from the driver and soldier. I crossed the border on foot. We moved quickly on the Ukrainian side, crowded on the Polish side. But for EU passports it was a shorter line. At control, they asked me if I had cigarettes, I had 8 boxes, because usually it is allowed to have 10. But at this border, you can have just 2. So I couldn’t throw extra boxes away, couldn’t give them away. Options were a ticket and a 2-hour procedure or returning back to Ukraine and getting rid of cigarettes there. So I went back, gave 6 boxes to a couple there, and back in line. So in the end I was twice in Ukraine. From the border to the nearest town, I caught the local bus 5 PLN. On arrival to Przemysl, I missed a train to Krakow by 5 minutes. Next was in an hour. Close by the station I ate chicken stake and sauteed potatoes, salad, and juice 42 PLN.

train, sitting on floor
train, sitting on floor

Finally, I was on the train to Krakow, 81 PLN. In the beginning, I sat on the floor, seats were sold out, but soon I got one seat. While passing there were many deer and rabbits in the fields. In Krakow, I stayed for a few hours. From the train station connected to the shopping mall, I walked up to the castle with the cathedral. Returned back to the old town and made a circle there. After I went to a shop (Žabka), 13 PLN, and went to the park to rest with beer and chips.

beer and chips
beer and chips

I returned to the train station and few more hours on the train to Wroclaw, 60 PLN. There I met Pawel and we went for pizza and beer at Pizza Si. Loud bachelorette party next to us. Then we moved to my hotel for a quick shower and to leave my bag, memories of theater. Time for one more beer and catching up before departing at Academus pub. Back to the hotel and straight to bed.

Wrocław's dwarf
Wrocław’s dwarf

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