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angkor wat lake, cambodia

Thailand – Lao – Cambodia 2017

Another record of my travel, mainly written for me to have some reminders. If somebody finds it amusing or informative than even better. I’ll start with a summary of the whole trip and after...

beer in bangkok, thailand

Bangkok 5

The last day we woke late, slowly packed things. After the bathroom, we left our bags in storage for 20 THB. Phuket sent a delivery of dried and fresh chili, some for me and...

wat pho Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok 4

It the morning we arrived in Bangkok, after almost 1 day of travel, really beaten. We had a short walk to Khao San road and took a room at New Siam 1 (340 THB)...

sunsetin koh lanta, thailand

Koh Lanta-Bangkok

In the morning we packed. Hutyee bought breakfast, rice with some topping in banana leaf. Finally, the van came for us (2000 THB). We were picking others all around the island, some places were...

sunsetin koh lanta, thailand

Koh Lanta 3

While it was the long night I took a long rest. We had some lunch with Hutyee family, fish and spicy sauce. Talked to some French couple. Girls went to the beach around 13h,...

reagge party in Koh Lanta, Thailand

Koh Lanta 2

After little sleep, we took a trip around the island (2000 THB for 3 people) with Hilux driven by Hutyee daughter. The first stop was at one beach after a short walk there we...

sunsetin koh lanta, thailand

Koh Lanta

I took long sleep, later we went to the beach (4x beer 320 THB). In the evening we went back, the rain caught us and we finished eating in a nice restaurant (220 THB)....

snorkel with sergant fish in phi phi, thailand

Koh Phi Phi-Koh Lanta

After returning to the hostel there was no time to sleep, just packed and to the boat at 5 AM. The first stop was Maya beach and at that time it was empty. After...

viewpoint in phi phi, thailand

Krabi-Koh Phi Phi

We arrived early in the morning to Krabi. We need a bus to the pier and got one in 30 minutes. There we bought tickets for the ferry to Koh Phi Phi and later...

breakfast in Sa Kaeo, Thailand

Sa Kaeo-Bangkok

The next morning we woke up, packed, and watched some TV while waiting for Aran and Emorn. They took us for a big breakfast (duck, meat, noodles, rice). Next, we went searching for SIM...