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Udinese vs Lazio 0:1

Again I am visiting a game at Udinese stadion with ex coworkers from Nomago (Blaž, Robert and Andrej). This time it was Udinese vs Lazio. I was tired from trip to Bosnia. Blaž picked...

Maradona mural

Naples 2022 summary

With colleagues, we decided to visit Naples and see one football match there. We finalized the game on the 11th of September against Spezia. Besides that, we tried to experience the city a bit...

To Sorrento

To Sorrento

After breakfast, we packed and left the apartment. We walked a long way to the port and there we took the ferry to Sorrento, a 28 € return ticket. In less than an hour...

To Pompei

To Pompei

After a slow morning, I cleaned the apartment, and others went shopping again for 14 € and breakfast then followed. At the train station, we tried to buy tickets to Sorrento but there was...

To Napoli

To Napoli

With coworkers, we agreed to go for a city break to Napoli and to see a game. On Saturday evening they picked me up at home at 2 AM. We drove to Nova Gorica...

coffee and cornetto

Sicily visit summary 22

Sicily was chosen for a long weekend from 5. till 8.2.2022. I was there 20 years ago and hoped to find another option but settled for it in the end. Bostjan found great tickets...

Airport Palermo

Palermo Trieste Ljubljana

Again not good sleep. Yogurt and biscuits for breakfast. Checking out took time with the old lady, paying the tourist tax. We walked to the train station. Vending machine for tickets didn’t work, so...

coffee and cornetto

Palermo Corleone

After a good sleep, shower, packing, and coffee we went out. It was windy. Špela visited a botanical garden (6 €) and we went to park and walked at the coast. From there we...

Palermo view from Monreale

Palermo Mobello Monreale

After bad sleep, shower, and coffee with brioche for breakfast we went out. At the main station check options of transport, a bit confusing. Over city center to the bus, saw some interesting fountains...

park Palermo

Ljubljana Trieste Palermo

Woke up late, went to the bathroom, finished packing, ate 2 chicken steaks. Špela first picked Boško than me at 11h. Easy ride to Trieste airport, Boško didn’t like Špela’s driving. We were early...