Flag of Austria

Country in central Europe, capital Vienna, population 9 M.



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HOLIDAYS-2021 Slovenia & neighbors

Prazniki 2022 HOLIDAYS-2021 Slovenia, Avstria, Italia, Croatia, Hungary The tables below list public holidays and non-working days in Slovenia and neighboring countries. Weekends are marked in red, and working holidays are in italics. HOLIDAYS...

Golden Tulip Downtown, Abu Dhabi, UAE

To Abu Dhabi

After 3 day at home I was again on the road. From House Denk Simon drove me to Maribor. At bus station I waited few hours for Flixbus to Vienna. I enjoyed wine from...

train from vienna

Return home 22

In the morning I was searching my way back to the hostel, with tram and metro, closed my eyes for a second, and missed the station. Arrived soon enough in a hostel for checkout....

Vienna wit Borut and Miriam

Vienna 21

This was another slow day. First I woke at 7 but it was too early. A few hours later I packed and checkout at 11h. Bought a few things in the shop for breakfast,...

Airport Malaga

Malaga-Vienna 21

I woke up at 7:30, after the bathroom, I packed my things. Boško went out for coffee. We took the metro to the airport, 3 €. Some people had problems at check-in, for boarding...

Start holiday trip ’21-Ljubljana

Start holiday trip ’21-Ljubljana

Again I am off from Ljubljana. This time is Spain, Andalusia. The original plan was to visit Jordan, but after a canceled flight, I chose Europe, something safer. Andalusia was in the plan for...

WU Vienna Exchange weekend

WU Wien 11.-13.4.2013

Vienna was a place of student exchange (I joined as a PhD student) between the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana and the Vienna University of Economics and Business, organized by PIPL (Business Informatics...

me on roadtrip in Balkans

On way to Poland

We departed Nagla’s place at 15:00. Halfway to the train station, we realized we forgot tickets in the apartment, so we had to turn back. Double raid to train station was 6 €. While...


U2 Vienna, 2005

Tone had an extra ticket to the U2 concert in Vienna. The performance at the Ernst Happel Stadium was part of the Vertigo Tour. I bought the ticket and on the day of the...