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General tips and trick about traveling

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HOLIDAYS-2021 Slovenia & neighbors

Prazniki 2022 HOLIDAYS-2021 Slovenia, Avstria, Italia, Croatia, Hungary The tables below list public holidays and non-working days in Slovenia and neighboring countries. Weekends are marked in red, and working holidays are in italics. HOLIDAYS...

Blog after 3 years 1

Blog after 3 years

In third year traffic doubled an accumulated almost same amount as previous 2 years (50k visits). So I 3 years it was 100k visits, from 170 countries. Organic traffic is now more than one...

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Slovenian travel blogs

When I started writing my blog, I was inexperienced and was looking for blogs with similar content for inspiration. In a couple of months, a list of over 100 blogs was created. I believe...

4 steps to secure traveling

4 steps to travel safe

One of the biggest concerns for people before deciding to travel is safety. If you ask me I would say there are potential security issues, but with risk management, it can be minimized. By...

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How to get your own blog

While setting up my own blog, I have followed a path that I will try to explain to you below. I hope that by reading this article you will come across useful information and...

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Why do I(we)travel

I am often asked why I travel. Motives for the trip can be different, but basically, everyone would like to feel and experience something. Usually, these are resting, change, nature, food, socializing, … I...

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Luxury 5 star hotels on 4 continents

5-star hotels (*) are considered places of prestige and luxury. This is actually the highest possible rating of the hotel, although for marketing purposes we also have 7 stars today. We would expect all...


No Vietnam – Coronavirus

I bought flight tickets on 31.12.2019 to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam on 14.3. and back from Yangoon on 3.4.2020, Myanmar. So first days in the new year I was planning what to see. In...