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City in Italy

Venice, Italy

Venice and Trieste

Because of the Covid-19, I am not moving anywhere, my vacation has failed and I had it. I was looking for alternatives to where I could go on a weekend trip. The idea for...

Flight to Madagascar, Africa

On way back

The first flight was around 11 hours. I slept most of the time. It looks like we were tired as all 3 of us missed the first meal on the plane. At CDG airport...

transport on bike, madagascar

Madagascar flight

A day before it was long hours at work. After work, I had a few beers with Borut and Miriam. After diner, I started packing. I had a problem finding some stuff. I talked...

madrid, spain


I woke up on a plane, had breakfast (sandwich far from good). We landed at Madrid airport with a delay at 10:45 am. We moved to the city with the metro (8,6 € daily...

elevator, Fužine, Ljubljana


Finally flight at 0:30. The airplane is half empty so I spread out on 3 seats. I order a beer and fall asleep. After arriving in Doha, I head to duty-free, changing the remaining...

Doha airport


After a full and sleepless night (2:00 am I come home from a farewell party, pack up and comb my hair by 4am) at 7:30 I got up and had breakfast. Sara and Ana...