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India - Indija

India – Indija

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taj mahal from hostel, agra, india

India – Nepal 18.8-8.9.2010

I was planning to do a road trip across the United States but others changed their mind and decided to do just the West coast. So I decided to join Boško in India. I...

carpet on airport, new delhi, india

Returning from India

I woke around midnight, after a shower, I packed and moved by taxi to the airport. At the airport wandered around the carpeted floor until it was time for flight 04:45. We arrived in...

ZOO new delhi, india

Last New Delhi

The next morning moved slowly out of the room. One kid took me from shop to shop. I enjoyed some Japanese tea. While I didn’t buy anything he didn’t get any commission so I...

new delhi street, india

Still New Delhi

I woke up at 1:00 to say goodby to Boško. While I couldn’t go back to sleep I went down and played chess with Portugues. went out for a cigarette and had a chat...

Rajpath, new delhi, india

Again New Delhi

In the morning we had an omelet with toast and tea for breakfast. In the street, we had fresh orange juice. We went to the pharmacy for some creams. After the internet, we went...

boarder to india

Towards New Delhi

We arrived at Mahendranagar (Bhimdatta) at 8:00. Another local bus to border 15 NRs, we changed what we had of local currency. Drunk a coffee and tea. At crossing border, we had to wake...

border to nepal

Move to Nepal

In the morning we arrived in Gorakhpur. We took a bus to Sunauli border crossing. After a coke and smoke, we walked over the border. In India, clerks took some time. We ran to...

taj mahal from hostel, agra, india

Taj Mahal

After a short sleep, we woke at 5:30 to be early in line for tickets, 13 €. Boško had stomach problems. The Taj Mahal was impressive. In the afternoon we moved to Fatehpur Sikri...

blue city, india


It was just a quick stop in Jodhpur, 4 hours. We walked uphill to the fort, checked the blue city with a clock tower. We had there a quick meal. Boško needed repair for...

jaisalmer, india

Still Jaisalmer

The next morning we went to the fort on the hill. We stopped on our way at Pink Floyd bar (no Wish you were here). We drunk mango juice. I’m sorry that after we...