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Pokopališče školjk

Outing is a category of posts where you can find all about short trips I made in Slovenia

Zagreb 2023 1

Zagreb 2023

I was in Barbariga last week to close it for the end of the season and paid some bills. I thought I had covered everything, but a few days later I got notice that...

Parish Church in Klagenfurt

Klagenfurt and Villach

With my sister’s family, we decided to make a daily trip to Austria. We started after noon. First, we stopped at Podljubelj, Karavla 297 inn. It was full so we got ourselves a drink...

Novo mesto relief

Kotor Varoš and Novo mesto

Kotor Varoš Mother wished to visit Kotor Varoš so I took here there. We went on the road at 2 am on Saturday after almost no sleep. In Ljubljana we stopped at gas station,...


Dolenjska picnic

Early on Saturday morning Blaž picked Luka and than me. On our way to Straža near Novo Mesto we stopped in a shop. On arrival me and Luka cut some wood with circular saw....

višnjan, istria, croatia


Rovinj On saturday morning I went toward coast, it was time to visit again Barbariga– First I stopped at gas station, 31 €, on highway where is more expansive? Soon I stuck in traffic...

panoramski let Portorož

Slovanian coast-panoramic flight

I talked with nephew and niece and they didn’t fly so far. So I proposed panoramic flight as the gift for their birthdays. I waited for a weekend with nice weather. On Sunday morning...

Škocjanske jame

Karst – Kras

Karst is a landscape/plateau in Slovenia, located between the Gulf of Trieste in the south, the Vipava valley in the north, the Soča valley in the west and Brkini in the east. If karst...

slovenska obala zemljevid

Slovenian coast – 43km

Slovenia is one of the smaller countries with 20,000 km2 (approximately 150th out of 200 countries). Nevertheless, it has a more diverse surface than much larger countries. Thus, Slovenia is also a maritime country...

Izlet na obalo, zemljevid

Visiting coast, May 2022

A trip to the coast was the only logical choice after yesterday’s bad day. In the morning I talked to Andreja and we decided not to rush to popular places but to stop in...