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Pokopališče školjk

Outing is a category of posts where you can find all about short trips I made in Slovenia

Škocjanske jame

Karst – Kras

Karst is a landscape/plateau in Slovenia, located between the Gulf of Trieste in the south, the Vipava valley in the north, the Soča valley in the west and Brkini in the east. If karst...

slovenska obala zemljevid

Slovenian coast – 43km

Slovenia is one of the smaller countries with 20,000 km2 (approximately 150th out of 200 countries). Nevertheless, it has a more diverse surface than much larger countries. Thus, Slovenia is also a maritime country...

Izlet na obalo, zemljevid

Visiting coast, May 2022

A trip to the coast was the only logical choice after yesterday’s bad day. In the morning I talked to Andreja and we decided not to rush to popular places but to stop in...

tivoli mapa

Tivoli, Rožnik and Šiška hill

Tivoli, Rožnik and Šiška hill is the most beautiful green area in Ljubljana. The landscape park is located in the northwest of the city between the neighborhoods of Center, Šiška, Vič, and the ring...

botanički vrt staklenik

The Botanical garden Ljubljana

If you are looking for a green and quiet place close to the city center Botanical garden Ljubljana is the place you will enjoy. This is the main botanical garden and the oldest cultural,...

hike piran koper

Hike from Piran to Koper

Boštjan called and explained his ideal tour for Saturday, Piran-Koper, a cheap bus, a little walking, pizza, and back home. In the beginning, I was in doubt but he convinced me and after a...

Glamping Ribno

Glamping in Ribno

Glamping in Ribno was the next choice to spend tourist vouchers. On Friday I leaft the office 2 hours earlier and when Andreja picked me up we headed towards Bled. After a 45-minute drive...

hotel grad Chateaux Otočec sign

Chateaux Otočec hotel

Chateaux Otočec was the choice for the weekend where I spent my COVID-19 vouchers. I had 400 € and it wasn’t clear if they will be valid next year. We tried glamping in Ribno...