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Bockenheimer Depot, Frankfurt opera

Frankfurt Opera

Gregor mentioned that he will visit Frankfurt opera composed by Vito Žuraj. Teja and Tereza studied with him and wanted to see his work. For me that was option to be with Gregor and...

reichstag, Platz der Republik, berlin, geremany

2020 Berlin and around – summary

Berlin was my last resort after all other travel plans didn’t come through this year. I just searched what connections are still possible from Ljubljana. Berlin was the only one not visited yet. Two...

Berlin airport, Germany

Last day in Berlin

After a sandwich for breakfast, we moved to the bunker tour,15 €. We took Uber because we were late, 10 €. It was 90 minutes tour, seeing 2 types of a nuclear bunker, one...

panda, Berlin ZOO, Germany

Berlin relaxed

After a long sleep, I played PS4 some more. We went to the shop, 15 €. Cigarette 8 €, 24 pcs. For breakfast was an omelet. We went to the ZOO, 15 €, with...

airport Copenhagen, Denmark

Back to Berlin over Dusseldorf

The alarm clock is ringing at 6 am, I pack, go to the toilet and leave the hostel. Walk at dawn to the main train station. There I tried Mac 1.3 €, water was...

Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark

To Copenhagen, Denmark

After 4 hours of sleep, I had to pack and go to the main train station. I took S Bahn for 2 stations, 2.6 €. After a bit of searching, I arrived at the...

Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

Berlin day 2

After last night I was really tired. First I woke at 9h, but it was too early, next I was woken by a maid at noon. It was time to get up. Shower and...

Đistrict Một – Saigon Street Food, Germany, Berlin

Berlin day 1

I didn’t sleep well, woke up a few times. I got a mail from work before 7h and next, it was a call at 7:30, a trivial thing but still woke me. Some more...

flight to Berlin

Flying to Berlin

After almost one year I am on an airplane again. It is for one week in Berlin. Two weeks before I bought a ticket for a flight from Ljubljana to Berlin. The return ticket...

frozen canal, amsterdam, netherlands

Speedy Benelux in 6 days

Trips around Europe are now dedicated to visiting friends around. When I saw a flight to Amsterdam for 58 € with Transavia it was decided. I planed to circle around Benelux. So all towns...