Frankfurt Opera

Gregor mentioned that he will visit Frankfurt opera composed by Vito Žuraj. Teja and Tereza studied with him and wanted to see his work. For me that was option to be with Gregor and experience something new so I decided to join them. Now it was time to plan our trip. At that time there was event at Frankfurt Messe, so getting room was problem. With Gregor we took room for 360 € for 1 night in Klein hotel Ost in suburbs. Just a few days later it was 5 times less. Next was transport to Frankfurt. We took Flixbus in one direction (40 €, had to correct date). With Gregor we took train back (104 €). Girls took care of opera tickets.

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On the day we were traveling I worked, met ex-collegues for a drink, went home oacked and eat. I returned to center, at Tedejs place there was Kavč festival concert (Martin Ladika TriNiti). We moved to station on time, on bus I got two seats until Munchen, but didn’t sleep much, ate a sendwich, bag fells on my shoulder.

Frankfurt Opera 1


After less then 12 hours we arrived to Frankfurt. On train station it was time for toalet and drink (27 €, tried Handkäse Mit Musik – cheese with onion and caraway seeds).

Frankfurt Opera 2

Vito joined us and we moved to old town (12,60 dailly group ticket). We sat in Bitter and Zart for a cake and drink (33 €, tried Frankfurter Kranz, nothing special). Than we ordered to tours from get your guide. First was walking tour with online app (7 €) where we pass main attractions on both sides of river. We went for launch at What’s Beef after some search, burger fries, beer for 83 €. Now it was time for VR experience of city 150 years ago, not impressed, 18 €.

Frankfurt Opera 3

Now we searched for place to have a drink, but we complicated to much. Nataša picked us up and we went together to osuth part, Paris’ bar. It was great to revive some of memories with Nataša about Fužine and school after 25 years, 75 €. She drove us back to station to pick bags and another metro to hotel. Tired and nervous drive to Klein hotel (160 €), some planing for next day and talk to Gregor.


Next morning was slow, bathroom, breakfast and slowly back to city. Girls went to church for mass and with Gregor sat for a coffee. From there we moved to Chagall exibition at Schirn Kunsthalle, 16 €. We moved to west part of town. We had lunch at colorfull Persian restaurant Kish with big portions, 120 €.

Frankfurt Opera 4

Now it was time for Blühen – Opera by Žuraj (20€, 50 € or 65€). It was performed at Bockenheimer Depot, one of Frankfurt opera venues. This modern opera is based on Thomas Mann novel Die Betrogene. Libreto was written by Händl Klaus, directed by Brigitte Fassbaender, conducted by Michael Wendeberg. Main role was Aurelia performed by mezzo-sopran Bianca Andrew, her daughter Anna was done by slovenian soprano Nika Gorič.

Bockenheimer Depot, Frankfurt opera
Bockenheimer Depot, Frankfurt opera

It started slowly and I was bit tired from 2 days before. But it slowly caught my attention. Story is about Aurelia, her complex relationship with daughter, her love for sons tutor and finally death by cancer. My German knowledge was basic but enough to follow the story in 7 scenes. At the end dying one was powerfull, intense music caught atmosphere, 12-piece ensamble supported it, scene as it was simple it made impression. All in all nice experience, for my 4th opera. We stayed after to listen to debate of people involved in opera. Had to leave before end to catch our train.

We arrived to center, went for a drink and on the first trainto Augsburg. In 3 hours train was late half an hour, so we missed our connecting train. No more trains where toward Slovenia so we movd to Munchen in hope to find something there, but no luck.


So it is midnight and we have to wait 8 hours for our ride. It is cold we are tired and sleepy. After few hours we had enough and said lets take taxi. We collected all our money also from ATM and tried to struck a deal with taxi driver. After half an hour he already cheated us and want more and more so we gave up on this idea. Back to the station, I went to toilet, got lost, found Gregor and we moved to train at 8 am.

It was nice ride and we fall asleep, train stopped in Klagenfurt, we missed stop in Villach. Again few hours of waiting, we went for a pizza and beer. Went to Villach, somehow we finished again in Klagenfurt. It would be funny if we werent to tired, it was Groundhog day. After second arrival to Villach we got on the train to Ljubljana. Again fall asleep but some kind people woke as up at station, otherwise we would finish in Dobova. After cigarette it was time to say goodby and I went home in taxi.


This trip was way to expensive, again last minute planning, Frankfurt Messe. Also this escapade with trains was partially their partially our fault. I was really tired in the end but not all was bad. Frnkfurt Opera experience was nice and meeting composer as well. Drink with Nataša after so long time was great. Next time I should organize differently things, more confort for less money.

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