Woop! in BTC

Woop! is a company that deals with entertainment in three Slovenian cities (Ljubljana Murska Sobota, Maribor). We chose BTC for team building. There they have Karting, Laser tag, Escape rooms, VR, bowling, and a trampoline park. We opted for old-fashioned bowling


Of course, registering took a few minutes, and you get a card/wristband for €2 right away. Since I forgot mine at home, it was necessary to re-purchase it. We took two lines, divided into teams, put on shoes (small numbers), chose balls, and were ready to start.

Woop! in BTC 1

I had ball 10 (that’s in pounds, in kg is about 4.5). I deliberately chose a bit heavier ball, so that it is a stable shot. I aimed for a line on the track and I didn’t throw too hard. That brought me results between 100 and 130, which was enough to win. There is the obligatory giraffe (€18 – 3l of beer). After one hour, we had a break and ordered a few Neapolitan pizzas (solid for bowling). Part of the team had to go home, we stayed, and played for another 2 hours, in the end, I was just tired.

Woop! in BTC 2

Otherwise, the last time I was there was in the escape room, the only one we didn’t finish, then went for a bit more VR. It is certainly a place where you can spend hours and money with friends and family.

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