Dušan Hauptman and Cedevita Olimpija:Budućnost Voli 58:80

On Friday, I read in an article that Dušan Hauptman’s jersey #10 will be retired in Sunday’s game. As high school students, we enjoyed watching his games and I thought he deserved that I go to the game. I bought 2 tickets, €20 each.

I had in mind to invite my nephew to the game. I forget about it until Sunday and when I asked him he already had plans. I tried to find someone else later, but I couldn’t. I tooea taxi to the hall, €12. I gave the second ticket to some kids in front of the hall. The organizer was really poorly organized, they only opened 2 entrances for more than 5000 people, so I was late for the match, missed more than 3 minutes.

The first quarter was confusing match and they play poorly on both sides, but Budućnost won 13:17. Between the quarters, someone from the audience made a throw from the middle the court and earned €5,000. Obviously, he should be one on the floor during the game.

The second quarter continues at the same pace. Olimpija is finally competitive and ties the score at 26:26 after 3 free throws. Here, however, they stopped and after a partial score of 9:2, Budućnost goes to the break with 7 points lead.

Dušan Hauptman and Cedevita Olimpija:Budućnost Voli 58:80 1

Dušan Hauptman – jerssy #10

In the break between the halves, what I really came to see was the retirement of jersey number 10. Dušan spent most of his career in Olimpija, and even after his retirement he worked there as an official. As a player he was known for his 3-pointers. In addition to success in the national championship and the cup, during his time they won the cup winners’ cup and were 3rd in the Euroleague Final four.

Of course, there spoke selected words in honor of Dušan, a short video that summarizes a couple of significant moments, the jersey that is now under the ceiling and a bunch of colleagues who come to congratulate him. There were also the Green Dragons fan group, who made exxemption and visited basketball game, prepared a beautiful backdrop and celebration for the retirement of the legend’s jersey.

Shortly after the celebration, the second half begins. In the third quarter, Olimpija maintains the same deficit only at the beginning, and as soon as the guests started to make shots from a distance, but later they sunk lower and lower. Until at the end of the quarter the difference was already 16 points. During the last break, I met my former colleague Tina and we had the opportunity to speak after a long time.

The last quarter is a continuation of the bad game. Olimpija scored only 8 points, but Budućnost didn’t not shine with 14 points either. In any case, the final score of 58:80 is a very poor outcome for the home team, which fell into crisis with its fourth consecutive defeat in all competitions.

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