Blog after 3 years

In third year traffic doubled an accumulated almost same amount as previous 2 years (50k visits). So I 3 years it was 100k visits, from 170 countries. Organic traffic is now more than one third. Most visists where in July when I published Geography quizzes, 12k. Beside quizz people searched and viewed calander with holidays, travels to Middle east and Norway, restaurants Fugazi and Thai Zone. So hewre we can find positiv trend in visits.

Blog after 3 years 1

As for travels last year was OK. Year begun with finish of December trip to Spain and Czech republic. Next was trip to Palermo, game in Belgrade, Norway, sailing twice and boys weekend in Croatia, visit to Bosnia, game in Napoli, 1 month in Middle East countries. Visited 17 countries, 9 new. All in all it was good year.

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