Kulinarični park BTC – food court

A food court was set up in BTC, where six street food vendors were set and the square was named the Kulinarični park. This placew offers a variety of choices and if you went shopping in a company, when you’re done you can go eat something and everyone can choose something different. The offer includes Chuty’s with an Asian offer, Hood Burger, Spanish Village, Chili & Limes with Mexican food, Boul with healthy bowls, Roma with an Italian offer, Simon’s BBQ with a grill offer, Top Dunajc with a fried program and Specilaity mobile cafe.

Kulinarični park BTC - food court 1
kulinarični park

My colleagues and I went to BTC where we supposed to have team building in Woop – bowling. Before that, we stoped at the Culinary Park for refreshments. Everyone chose something of their own. I tried Top Dunajec. Here the meat is in the abundance, of course to begin with Viennese steak, poultry, T-bone steak, roast beef, čevapcici.

Kulinarični park BTC - food court 2
Top Dunajc – roastbeef

I chose the Top Beef – slices of roast beef with baked potatoes, lettuce and tomato, homemade sauce and cream. I also took an unfiltered Union beer with it. The portion was large, everithing on the plate was delicious, the presentation was not ideal. When I put everything away, I was ready to start bowling, where I was constantly winning 🙂 This meal with a drink costed me €17.

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