Hood Burger in Ljubljana

Hood Burger are two guys who first brought the concept of gourmet burgers to Slovenia in 2012. Since then, in addition to the first location at Interspar in Vič, they have added 3 more, in BTC, Nazorjeva and one more in Celje.

In the rain, I was returning from my errands and, I was soaked and hungry, I decided to visit them again after a long time. Since I was in the center, it is logical that I picked location in Nazorjeva 4. The location is in an Art Nouveau building and is nicely furnished; bare brick, iron girders, wood – they want to recreate the feel of the subway.

Hood Burger in Ljubljana 1
location Nazorjeva 4

The menu includes a choice of Classic – their first burger, Brie – probably the most popular choice, Jake n Jay, Steak sandwich, chicken in several versions and of course a veggie option.

hood burger
hood burger

I decided on a Brie burger and fries on the side, I waited 5-10 minutes. They use local ingredients and their own recipes. Potato bun, medium done 150g burger, arugula and tomato for salad, homemade sauce, a large slice of Brie cheese, and fries on the side. The flavors match, the burger was maybe too well done in one part and there was really a lot of cheese. This meal costed me €9.80.

I ate quickly and headed back into the rain. I will be back, even though some other burger places that came later surpassed them, because you never forget the first one.

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