Orient express restaurant

I changed job, now I work at Slovenian railways so logical option for lunch is inhouse canteen Orient express. First say way chaotic and I didn’t go to lunch. Next day I went downstairs to check this place. Setting in this place is typical for canteen; you wait in line, picku tray, get your order, pay and find empty chair so you can eat it. Furniture is older but clean.

As for food, they publish weekly menu on their page. Out of five meals they offer daily, one meal is usually chicken, one is pork and one is vegeterian, and two remaining can be anything. As for cuisine they combine local with international. Beside classics like steak and potatoes here you can find segedin, pleskavica, mongolian beef, wrap, musaka, timballo, …

Orient express restaurant 1

Price for main dish is 6.5 €, if you add salad is 7.7 €, there is also soup and dessert you will pay 9.9 €. There is also selfservice for drinks (1.5 € water) and some saucec (ie Tartar .3 €). You get 2 pieces of their bread for, free additional is 0.2 €.

Good thing about this place, it is same building so don’t need to change to get there, I need a minute to get there, I don’t need to think where to go, they offer different option daily, price/performance is great, personnal is nice.

Bad side of this is, you get into routine and bored, you smell of food when you return, maybe it is not healthiest option. But for now I liked them and we will see how long I will visit them.

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