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Panama – flag

Country in central America



barber in street panama

Panama City 3

I woke up quite late, slowly packing while we had to check out at 13h. Andreja and Tony were looking for her phone without luck. Vesna and Andreja stayed at an internet cafe to...

cop panama

San Blas-Panama City

After breakfast (egg, toast, cheese) we paid what we consumed on the island, packed, said goodbye to Slovenian couple and it was time for a ride with a boat to the mainland. There was...

San Blas, Panama

San Blas 2

The next day was similar. Additionally, we went for a 3-hour trip, 15 $. On the way there, we got completely wet. First, we stopped at shipwreck with some corals and fish. On an...

San Blas, Panama

San Blas

The next day was relaxing. I had breakfast; lunch and dinner. In between, it was time for the beach. In the evening it was time for a party with white wine and rum …

San Blas, Panama

Panama City-San Blas

After partying long in the night waking at 5 am was a challenge we were not up to. Good thing that Tony came and woke us up. After quick packing, it was time for...

Panama City, Panama

Panama City 2

At 5 am we arrived frozen to Albrook station wandering around, had a drink. Around 7 AM we moved with taxi 6 $ to Casco Viejo. At hotel Casa Nuratti our room was not...

puerto viejo, costa rica

Bocas del Toro-Puerto Viejo

The next morning we moved to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca in Costa Rica. We took 25 $ boat to mainland and van to border, migration procedure was a bit long (didn’t need flight details),...

Bocas del toro, Panama

Bocas del Toro

After breakfast (pancakes and fruit) we went to the shop and at 9:30 for the day trip 25$. First, we stopped at bay where there was a lot of starfish. On the next spot...

Bocas del toro, Panama

Almirante-Bocas del Toro

In the morning we arrived in Almirante. We took a taxi 3$ to the pier. But it was a few 100 m away, so we could walk there. After some waiting we boarded the...