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Concerts is a category of posts where you can find all about concerts I visited

The Cure – Zagreb

The Cure – Zagreb

My attendance to the Cure concert I own to Dino. I met him in April, when he mentioned concert and I bought 2 tickets (one was 350 HRK). Forgot about it for half a...

Hladno pivo

Hladno pivo in Kino Šiška

In the morning at work, Borut told me that Hladno pivo had a concert today. I tried to buy ticket through the website, it didn’t work. Everything looks like I will miss concert. During...


Judas Priest in Stožice, 2022/07/12

The concert, which was postponed twice due to the corona virus, finally took place. Judas Priest also stopped in Ljubljana as part of the 50 heavy metal years tour – after 31 years. Tedej...

Križanke - Podalpski sevdah

Podalpski sevdah in Križanke

By chance, I come across an ad for a concert called Podalpski sevdah. The title comes from a humorous name for the Ljubljana band tAman (successor of the group Dertum). Within the project “Zgodilo...

Klemen Klemen - Zorica

Klemen Klemen concert in Zorica, 3. Repa

Andreja mentions to me the day before that Klemen Klemen will perform in Zorica today. I haven’t seen him live for 5 years since performing at Fužine Castle. And I haven’t been to Zorica...

bar 42

Gyöngyvirágv in Bar 42

Urban mentioned to me two weeks earlier that there will be some gig and if I have time to stop by. So on Friday just before eight PM I left home and arrived at...

Floating castle festival - castle Snežnik, Slovenia

Floating castle festival – Snežnik

Despite the corona situation, people try to continue with their lives. A good example is the Floating castle festival. Over the weekend street art ruled castle Snežnik. In two days there were different shows,...

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Torulsson & Skinar

We started the night in Čin Čin. There we had a nice talk and celebration of a friend’s birthday. Later in the evening, we moved to Gala hala on Metelkova to a concert Torulsson...

mic - concert

Batista Cadillac – non Valentine

While four of us were all single we agreed to go out together on Valentine’s. We picked Dvorni bar. No reservations were possible but on arrival, the first member of our party got the...