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mic - concert

Repetitor at Metelkova

After wor I moved firsto Picaboj for one Bresaola pizza (15 € with beer). Pizza was good as always, Fidži was not in best mood. From there I took taxi to picnic in Podutik....

mic - concert

Iron Maiden in Stožice 2023

With Jasmina we chatted on FB and she mentioned that Iron Maiden is coming to Ljubljana next week. I completly forgot about it and now was chance to go to thair concert after 20...

The Cure – Zagreb

The Cure – Zagreb

My attendance to the Cure concert I own to Dino. I met him in April, when he mentioned concert and I bought 2 tickets (one was 350 HRK). Forgot about it for half a...

Hladno pivo

Hladno pivo in Kino Šiška

In the morning at work, Borut told me that Hladno pivo had a concert today. I tried to buy ticket through the website, it didn’t work. Everything looks like I will miss concert. During...


Judas Priest in Stožice, 2022/07/12

The concert, which was postponed twice due to the corona virus, finally took place. Judas Priest also stopped in Ljubljana as part of the 50 heavy metal years tour – after 31 years. Tedej...

Križanke - Podalpski sevdah

Podalpski sevdah in Križanke

By chance, I come across an ad for a concert called Podalpski sevdah. The title comes from a humorous name for the Ljubljana band tAman (successor of the group Dertum). Within the project “Zgodilo...

Klemen Klemen - Zorica

Klemen Klemen concert in Zorica, 3. Repa

Andreja mentions to me the day before that Klemen Klemen will perform in Zorica today. I haven’t seen him live for 5 years since performing at Fužine Castle. And I haven’t been to Zorica...

bar 42

Gyöngyvirágv in Bar 42

Urban mentioned to me two weeks earlier that there will be some gig and if I have time to stop by. So on Friday just before eight PM I left home and arrived at...

Floating castle festival - castle Snežnik, Slovenia

Floating castle festival – Snežnik

Despite the corona situation, people try to continue with their lives. A good example is the Floating castle festival. Over the weekend street art ruled castle Snežnik. In two days there were different shows,...