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United kingdom is a country in Europe



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Unexpected London 12/13

It is strang how I got to London over New Years holidays season. I saw one friend published on FB if someone would like free ticket to London. Most of comments were like can...

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Returning home

Wake up early at 5:20, packed to the end and left. For breakfast had coconut cubes aka ćupavci. By bus to Brixton station, I continue wit underground to Victoria station. That’s where I changed...

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Entering 2013

Went for the morning walk to and from Wandswort common. To shop for free-range eggs and Skittles £ 3. Breakfast is benedict sandwiches. I slowly pack and watch TV. The rest of friends invited...

NYE, london, uk

Markets and end of year

After my morning practice, I head to Brixton Market on foot. There you really understand why this area is primarily Caribbean. From there, I head to Camden Market by subway. I use the umbrella...

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Coast and ćevapi

I woke up on a sunny morning. I took the bus to Islington, then walk to King’s Cross, and continued with another bus ride home. I took a quick shower and ate breakfast because...

glass skull, British Museum, London, UK

Museum day

For breakfast, I ate homemade potica. We take a look at the 1st run from Tina Maze and with the car we went to Richmond Park. The park is huge (10 km2), we saw...

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Another slow day in London

We repeat the morning routine, first the bathroom and then breakfast. In the afternoon we head to the War museum, Boško by bicycle and me by bus. The museum had a War Horse exhibit,...

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Boxing day in London

Slowly wake up and to the store £ 19 followed by breakfast. I was off to the city where I met with Martin and Vesna. Because they are late, I walked from Trafalgar by...

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Christmas in London

Since none of us are celebrating Christmas, this day was meant to be a holiday, and everything was closed and public transport was not working, so we had no choice. After getting up late,...

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First sightseeing in London

There was no early waking up this morning. After the bathroom and toast for breakfast, we took bus # 137 to the center. We looked around the Harrods shop. We walked past the Ecuadorian...