Rimini, San Marino and Florence

I woke up at 6:30. Got a nice breakfast in the hotel Polo, 2 € water from the minibar. Had a walk to the beach that was empty. Took a bus to San Marino at 8:10, 5€. Comfortable ride, aviation museum on our way.

Rimini, San Marino and Florence 1

San Marino is uphill all the way. Stone old houses and city wall. Great views from many places, but best are from towers, 6 €. The problem was wind, not pleasant. I found a spot without wind in the park to relax a bit. Bought postcards for 2 €, a bottle of water 1€, Muratti cigarettes 3x 17€. Sit for a glass of chianti served with almonds.

Rimini, San Marino and Florence 2

Bus back to Rimini, 5€. Stretched in the last row. Now I had more than 2 hours to spend. Went to the beach again, got my feet wet that enjoyed being in flip flops. Sit in the bar for a beer, 5€. Went by train to Florence, changed in between, 13 €. While waiting for a restaurant to open went for IPA. I eat Florentin steak at Osteria dei 100 poveri, 700g rare, with some wine and tip 45 €, grappa was on the house. I took a room in 5* star hotel River by Arno, why not, 108 €.

Rimini, San Marino and Florence 3

In the evening I went out, first some cocktails (Fuk bar), then some wine with a street performer. At some karaoke bar had a few beers with some Portuguese. I performed My way. Wild night, a lot of money spent.

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