Rome day 2

Woke up at 8h in a strange room, after the bathroom I was making plans for the day. Not a nice forecast. For a few transport options, I was too late. Checked out – left key on the counter. I bought at a Termini station train ticket to Rimini in the evening, 26 €. For breakfast, I had macchiato and cornetto, 2,5 €.

In front of the colosseum, there was a marathon, inside park saw Forum, security checks (green pass and scanner). Extra payment is not worth seeing a few more paintings. The rain made me go out and buy an umbrella, 5 €.

Rome day 2 1

From there I went to the Vatican to see the pope. Again security checks. Feeling like at the concert, many people, applause, …  St. Peter’s Basilica was massive, biggest impression was made by Michelangelo’s Pieta. On my way, I crossed Navona square with the Bernini fountain that gave inspiration to the Robba fountain in Ljubljana.

From there on I continued uphill to Garibaldi square. On my way, I stopped for a snack, pizza slice, arancini, and water for 6 €. It was a bit demanding to walk uphill, cross one park without people. On the top, it was a beautiful view of the city. Great place to rest with some wine, 6 €. Back downwards, quick visit to Pantheon, entered church Basilica Sant Agostino with Caravaggio painting (la Madonna dei Pellegrini, simple but strong, chiaroscuro, feet). It was time for dinner in the historic center, the first meal was penna arrabiata (al dente, spicy sauce), second meal grill chicken, accompanied with some water and red wine, 25 € with tip.

Too long I stayed at the restaurant so I rushed to the station in the rain. They published a platform for my ride late and the platform was on another part of the station. So that meant running again. Got a seat, but was whole wet, from rain and sweat. Now I had ahead of me a journey of 6h on the train. After 4h I had to change trains. We were late, the train waited for us, enough time for dew puffs from a cigarette. Arrived at the hotel Polo after midnight, shower, cigarette, some TV.

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