Puerto Viejo-San Jose-Puntarenas

The next morning it was heavy rain. I went to buy bus tickets for 15 $ and to shop 5$. We had breakfast with sandwiches we made and yogurt and mango at the hostel.

Puerto Viejo-San Jose-Puntarenas 1

At the bus station, we had coffee. Finally, we were on the bus to San Jose, a long ride, passed through mountains, and was a bit cold and raining.

bus to san jose
bus to san Jose

Also in the city, it was cold while elevation is almost 1.200 m so we put some clothes on.

Puerto Viejo-San Jose-Puntarenas 2

We had to move from one bus station to another and in end, we finished with a taxi that scammed us, 36 $ for a few kilometers. Next was a bus, 5 $ to Puntarenas, after half an hour of waiting with some salted breadsticks we were on another ride for 3h. In the evening we arrived in town, walked to the hotel Sol. On our way, we stopped at the shop, for beer and chips. Andreja was carrying 2x Las cucarachas, put some show in store.

Puerto Viejo-San Jose-Puntarenas 3

The hotel had the gate closed, we walked around and one local guy called the hotel and we were in. The room was big, 3x double bed, 36$ for 3, after the shower had few cigarettes and I watched girls dancing on some music.

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