Puerto Viejo

I woke up late. We had breakfast at Hot rocks (omelet, fruit, pancakes, some bread in egg fried).

puerto viejo breakfast
puerto viejo breakfast

Afterward, at the shop, we spent 46$. We were a bit surprised by prices (1.5 $ small beer, repellent 10 $).

katka's BD
katka’s BD

For Katka’s birthday, we saluted with mojitos at the Nema bar.

Puerto Viejo 1

We rented bikes and went to the beach, 12 $ for 3 bikes for a few hours.

Puerto Viejo 2

All together we made 25 km both ways. Probably we had the worst bikes in town, paint was washed out, the chain was squealing, but we made it over a few steep hills.

Puerto Viejo 3

We visited Manzanillo, 2x beer 7$, on way back we stopped at Playas Uve and Cocles.

Puerto Viejo 4

With a sore ass, we went to find a place to eat. On way guy we meet in Bocas suggested local place for diner, 26$ for all.

puerto viejo dinner
Puerto Viejo dinner

There was a fight in the street, cops were speeding over the main street, some people running. All over the place, people talked about that.

puerto viejo night life
puerto viejo night life

We finished at Johnny’s place, the round was 14$. I was bit down, some Brits mingled with girls. On the way home, we tried one skewer 2$.

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