Florence and Pisa

After waking up with a hangover I found out my phone is missing. So the search began. Try some bars from last night but no luck. At the reception, they helped me and Find my phone showed it is in Bibbiena, 60 km away. Finally, someone answered and the phone was at Carabinieri, someone found it and now I had to go there and pick it up.

Florence and Pisa 1

On my way to the station, my sneakers were torn, so I bought new ones for 65€. A quick stop in the shop for some food and water. Also tried some ice cream on my way to the station, hazelnut and pistachio, 5 €

Florence and Pisa 2

With local trains, I lost 6h both ways, 27 €. In Bibbiana some kid helped me get on the bus and directed me to the police station. Carabinieri returned my phone after checking if it is mine and my documents. On a train, a gay medical technician explained to me all about his 2 cats.

Florence and Pisa 3

In Florence, I just grabbed a panini 5 € and was on the train to Pisa. When arrived I ate their kebab, not bad, 5€. Half an hour walk to hotel Roma, across Arno, by Piazza dei Miracoli with tower and cathedral all in white. It started to rain outside so I fell asleep by TV around 22h.

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