To Copenhagen, Denmark

After 4 hours of sleep, I had to pack and go to the main train station. I took S Bahn for 2 stations, 2.6 €. After a bit of searching, I arrived at the platform and a few minutes later we were on our way to Copenhagen via Hamburg, 45 €.

To Copenhagen, Denmark 1

Sunrise, fog, and wind turbines. In Hamburg, I had enough time to smoke a cigarette and stretch my legs. The next train was late 10 minutes. On way to Copenhagen just flat land, cows, and farms. Try to get some sleep. After swift control at the border, we continued in Denmark. We arrived at 4h, 30 minutes late. 15-minute walk to the Copenhagen Downtown Hostel, 35 € for 2 nights in a dorm with 4 beds. Arrange flight back on Friday and had one beer 7.5 €.

To Copenhagen, Denmark 2

I wandered around and finished in Christiania, alternative commune.

To Copenhagen, Denmark 3

Place was full of weed. I took one small beer 3.5 € and watch people there.

To Copenhagen, Denmark 4

I had sandwich with pulled beef 8.5 € at Vandkunsten Sandwich Torvegade.

To Copenhagen, Denmark 5

Walked to Little Mermaid statue, not too crowded there.

To Copenhagen, Denmark 6

On way back passed Kastellet, park and shopping street.

To Copenhagen, Denmark 7

At the hostel, I ordered one more beer. Went to bed for the next 2 hours, because I was tired. There was a commotion in the room and outside so I took Pelinkovec and went out. Met some Chileans and German. At 7eleven I bought beer and cigarettes, 43 €. I had a problem entering the room at 4 AM. My roommates said I snored badly.

To Copenhagen, Denmark 8

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