To Dublin

I woke up at 2 am, shower and cigarette. With sister and niece we drove toward Zagreb, highway (1 €) was not empty. Arrived to Tuđman airport before 4 am. Sandwich, cigarette, water and banana before crossing security.

To Dublin 1

Sleepy, waiting to boarder flight with Ryanair (200 € one way). Bought ticket late and during high season with extra leg space. I had space for legs and view from window. Couldn’t sleep so bought lottery tickets 10 €, no luck. Some mild turbokence on our way. Landed few minutes before schedule.

To Dublin 2

Airport in Dublin is not small, but not beautiful. With car rental problems, mistyped card pin 3 times and locked it. So extra insurance charge 89 €, 32 extra insurance for Northern Ireland, 64 € extra deposit for gas. I started with 240 € back home, last day paid 320 € plus 60 € insurance. I got Toyota Yaris automatic/hybrid for 3 days when deposit was returned for 500 €, that was too expensive.

To Dublin 3

After shutle moved us to main office, I got keys and settle in slowly at this car. Driving on oposite side was challenge as always. On 1.5 hours drive to Kilkenny I stopped once for cigarette. Weather was constantly changing between sun, rain, wind and clouds. And it staed that way whole 4 days. M50 highway I paid online, 3.5 €.

To Dublin 4

In Kilkenny I parked in MacDonagh Junction shopping center next to st. John’s church, 2.5 € for 3h. From there I walked along John street – colorful, crossed Nore river and turn left to Parade. There was some kind of festival in square, where I ate quarter pounder burger and chips (salt and viniger?) 7.5 €. Further on was Kilkenny medival castle and across design center. On my way back I stopped for a beer (Smithwick’s irish red ale) 5.9 € in pub by Langtons hotel. I liked time spent there.

To Dublin 5

Now I moved to Cork, 2 hours and another stop on my way, paid for highway 2.1 € with card. In city it was crowded on the road. I was circeling around, searching for parking. Finally I parked 1 km from old town in industrial part Blackpool by some apartment block. Now I walked for 1.5 h, similar architecture as before but much biger then Kilkenny. Didn”t enjoy it to much. I started from parking across Lee river into old town, on Paul street pass church, to Main street crossed river again (old town is like island in Lee river). Now went uphill to church of st Fin Barre an fort. Highlite was Domačica keks in shop, 4 € on my way back to car.

To Dublin 6

I booked bed outside city 45 km (55 €). It ment more driving, I arrived tired 40 minutes later. Old house, still under renewal. I got big room with big bed for myself. First I rested a bit before doing anything after 2h sleep, 7h driving, 3 hours flight, 4 hours walking …. Later went for shower and cigarette with Romanian roomy, spoke about Balkans. I was in bed around 21:00.

To Dublin 7

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