Berlin day 2

After last night I was really tired. First I woke at 9h, but it was too early, next I was woken by a maid at noon. It was time to get up. Shower and some snacks from the store, and I was on my way to Kreuzberg, the Turkish part of town. I went there with U Bahn, 9.6 € for a daily ABC ticket. It is a more colorful part of town.

Berlin day 2 1

I searched for some Balkan food and found Sofra. I ordered 10 ćevapi and Coca Cola, 6.3 Eur.

Berlin day 2 2

It was self-service place, food was tasty. They didn’t have kajmak. Then I went to Hasenheide park to relax.

Berlin day 2 3

From there I crossed I to Templehofer ex airfield park. Today was day to rest in nature.

Berlin day 2 4

At 6:30 pm I met Žan and his coworker at Admiral brucke. From there we went to the river bank and set there with beer from the shop 2 €. Interesting chat with an international crowd. Around midnight we had Dürüm at Doyum, 6 €? and went with U bahn home.

Berlin day 2 5

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