Berlin day 1

I didn’t sleep well, woke up a few times. I got a mail from work before 7h and next, it was a call at 7:30, a trivial thing but still woke me. Some more bedtime, than bathroom and breakfast, homemade burek.

Berlin day 1 1

It was time to had out, the weather is sunny and warm. First I went to the TV Tower, 22.5 €. I was early for 10 am entry but there was already a crowd in masks. A nice elevator ride to the 205m deck. There you can see how flat is Berlin and the visual line where Wall was.

Berlin day 1 2

After moving back down I sat for cigarete, beer 4.5 € and water 2.5 €.

Berlin day 1 3

It was time to move back to the hostel and make a plan of what to do next. Picked a few things and went shopping at Netto (banana, water, cookies 3.5 €). Stopped at a pastry shop and tried Berliner 1 €, better is krof in Slovenia.

Berlin day 1 4
Ich bin ein…

From there I walked to Brandenburg tur, passed Museminsel, sat in the park by Reichstag.

Berlin day 1 5

From there I moved on to checkpoint Charlie. On the way there stopped at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and Potsdamer Platz. While it was hot I entered the Mall of Berlin for AC and bought a belt for 13 €.

Berlin day 1 6

Now I had enough touristic scenery and walked away until I found myself in a residential area. It was time for the last burek and a beer 2.5 €.

Berlin day 1 7

Next was long walk to East Side Gallery. Passed alternative looking part of town. Nice muruals on Wall by the river.

Berlin day 1 8

From there some more walking to Alexanderplatz to meet with Nika. We went for diner in a Vietnamese restaurant Đistrict Một, there you get the feeling of street food place with chairs, napkins, … I had a curry with chicken, rice was already inside the bowl at the bottom. With a drink, it was 27 €, for both.

Berlin day 1 9

Then we went for a drink in James-Simon-Park by the Spree river on the other side from Museuminsel seating in a beach chair. We covered different topics. Really glad to have a chance to spend some time with her. And then again walk, to the hostel. Altogether I walked more than 30 kilometers that day on 30 degrees. Feet were not happy. Back at the hostel, is time for another beer, 2 4 1, 20 €. Žan joined for a few rounds. Nice evening. I was still not sleepy so I went out, join one pub-crawling group, I returned around 6 am in the morning to the hostel, 100 €.

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