Flying to Berlin

After almost one year I am on an airplane again. It is for one week in Berlin. Two weeks before I bought a ticket for a flight from Ljubljana to Berlin. The return ticket was 60 € with Easyjet.

Sunday was nice and easy. I packed and sister with her husband took me to Brnik airport around 20:00. A half an hour later after a smoke, I said goodby and entered the airport. On entry, it was hand sanitation and mask on. After the security check, I went shopping, Pelinkovec and chocolate 14 €.

Flying to Berlin 1

There I met Žan, sailing buddy. He was going back to Berlin for work. After round of beers, 9 eur (worth it, not wearing mask), it was time for boarding around 21h, group of 5 rows together.

Flying to Berlin 2

Not to wear a mask you must order a drink, Heineken 6 €. On more than an hour flight nothing to report, maybe city lights on landing.

Flying to Berlin 3

On arrival at 22:45, we went with train to Alexanderplatz, ticket 3.6 €, the ride lasted 45 minutes. From the station, it was 10 minutes walk, beer 4 € at Kaschk, and then shawarma 3.5 € at Lux.

Flying to Berlin 4

I slept at St. Christopher hostel, bunk bed in 4 bed dorm for 16 € per night. A cigarette before turning in.

Flying to Berlin 5

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