Malmö & Kajo

With a bit of hangover, I woke up at 10 am. I managed to leave the hostel around 11h. The plan was to visit Malmö and in the afternoon meet Kajo. At the shop, I bought water and chicken skewers, 10 €. On the way to the station, I tried a hotdog, with local – different toppings (fresh & caramelized onion, local sauce), it was tasty, 5 €.

Malmö & Kajo 1

For return ticket to Malmö I paid 24.5 €. I arrived there around 13h.

Malmö & Kajo 2

On my way to city I tried thai red curry at Thai Wok, 10 €. In the city I sat for a beer, 6.5 €.

Malmö & Kajo 3

I couldn’t take it to the park. I lit a cigarette but had to put it out, while this year they passed a law against smoking in restaurant gardens. They really killed the mood for me.

Malmö & Kajo 4

I walked back to the station. Bought postcards, 2 €, and Juice 5 €. I arrived at Copenhagen’s main station around 16h where I met with Kajo. From there we went to Reffen, a street food court with local breweries built in place of the previous dump. First, one station with a train and then slowly by boat. There we had a few beers at different places and a local grill to eat, 50+ €. With the bus, we returned to the city and then also drove one station with driverless metro to City Hall Square. All transport was paid with a special card that Kajo landed me so I don’t know prices. We managed just before closing all bars at 22:00 (new law from that day) to order the last drink in a plastic cup. Then again walking to the hostel, sat a bit in front and it was time to say goodby and go to bed. Nice afternoon.

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