Funeral Bosnia

I had to go to Bosnia for a funeral. After work went home and later in the evening we packed and drove off. Earl in the morning we arrived at Jelaške. Later in the they there was a funeral. In the afternoon I went with my cousin to Zenica.

Funeral Bosnia 1

After the cat woke me up a few times during the night it was time to wake up. We drove to Vlašič ski resort, had a tea there, and walked around a bit. In the afternoon we went to Travnik. Walked around the old town, climbed to the fort, and finished with ćevapi at Hari’s. That night I didn’t mind the cat.

Funeral Bosnia 2

The next morning at the bus station in Žepče others picked me up and we moved on. First to Kotor Varoš and then to Banja Luka, we stopped for ćevapi Mrvica. In Gradiška we lost two hours at the border. We arrived home around midnight.

Funeral Bosnia 3

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