Gyöngyvirágv in Bar 42

Urban mentioned to me two weeks earlier that there will be some gig and if I have time to stop by. So on Friday just before eight PM I left home and arrived at baru 42 15 minutes later. This is my first visit to this bar, it has an interesting rock interior and no cheap beer (€ 3.4 exact Union, minor complications with tap).

Tam fantje ravno zaključujejo tonsko vajo. Po krajši pavzi začnejo preigravat pesmi od Đorđa Balaševića. Tu so seveda na repertoarju znane pesmi kot Ringišpil, Mirka, Božo zvani pub. A se znajdejo na playlisti tudi manj znane pesmi kot Sin jedinac in Don Francisco Long Play.

There, the boys are just finishing a tone rehearsal. After a short break, they started playing songs by Đorđe Balašević. The repertoire includes well-known songs such as Ringišpil, Mirka, Božo zvani pub. But lesser-known songs such as Sin jedinac and Don Francisco Long Play are also on the playlist.

Urban, with his tremendous energy, is the exact opposite of the Pannonian sailor. The band Gyöngyvirágv (Šmarnice) itself has not been in this line-up for a long time and maybe some additional rehearsal has been missed. Yet about 50 souls who are there as a home audience are more than excited about the concert, where the mandolin takes lead. They finished just before 11pm.

We are still standing in front of the bar, where we are debating. Around 1 o’clock the party disintegrates and I went in the direction of the center, Parliament, Holidays pub, and ended at Metelkova, where I met a bunch of acquaintances.

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