JB restaurant-Janez Bratož

We wanted to visit JB several times, but there was always something stopping us. We had the opportunity again within Tedna restavracij. This time we made reservation with Katka, Marija and Andreja. Andrej got unfortunately ill. At 8 pm I arrived at Mikošičeva by taxi at the same time as sisters. After a minor complication, another Kolar had a reservation at the same time, they sat us down at the table.

JB restaurant-Janez Bratož 1
JB degustacijski menu

For an aperitif, I had William’s schnaps from Budič. Amuse-bouche was represented two bites; cod in tempura and eggplant with duck breast. All liked tempura.

Pork terrine is the basis of the following dish. One part was fried and part was covered with mustard sauce and greens. Here we had the most divided opinions. Pinot Gris Livon was served.

Followed by polenta with goat cheese and chicory. I like it because it makes a top dish out of simple food. This time we got Zeleno by Čigoj.

Last was sea bass fillet on vegetables and cod foam. The fish was Marija’s winner, despite finding a bone in the fillet. Čarga’s Pinot Noir was nice. We also get mini macaroons with cocoa mass for the end.

We were also greeted by Chef Bratož, who brought haute cuisine to Ljubljana. I am fascinated by the use of traditional dishes made from quality homemade ingredients, which he combines into unforgettable flavors. We were already full, but at the end, we shared one dessert, a brownie with ice cream and raspberries. Not surplus. We paid around € 150 plus a tip for everything.

JB restaurant-Janez Bratož 2
JB krožniki

The next stop was Sir William’s pub for a drink before escorting Marija and Katka home. Around half-past one, I am at home where I ended a beautiful evening, which I spent in pleasant company and with excellent food. I hope to do repeat this again soon

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