AS Aperitivo restaurant

Mateja was in Ljubljana again so we tried to find a place to meet and after a few tries, we both made a reservation at AS Aperitivo. Before I was at Špica with Andreja and Anica. Mateja was a bit late because the game lasted longer than expected, but at least Olimpija won against Partizan.

as aperitivo
as aperitivo

While Thai food is spread all around, also at this fancy place they serve Pad Thai. So that was the logical choice for me. I had it with chicken and Mateja with shrimp, a smaller portion. I drank Union beer to continue with the same drink and she had a glass of wine. The portion was big, with enough meat, fresh vegetables, served with peanuts and lime. But it had this typical sweat and I had to use a lot of chilly to balance it for my taste. The bill was pricy, 43 €.

AS Aperitivo restaurant 1
Pad Thai in AS

We moved to Cutty sark for one more drink before Mateja drove me home around 22:30.

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