Banja Luka is city in Bosnia and Herzegovina on river Vrbas

viječnica sarajevo

Bosnia and Herzegovina-4 days

Ljubljana-Banja Luka-Jajce-Sarajevo On Friday at 13h Nomago crew (Robert, Blaž, Borut, Andrej) picked me up in front of my office. From there we moved toward Bosnia. In Slovenia, we had two stops, first for...

Kaštel i Vrbas, Banja Luka, BIH

Banja Luka, Kotor Varoš & Zenica

I had to visit family in May in Bosnia. But plans were constantly changing. In the end I went there just for a bit more over one day. After work meeting in Maribor on...

Funeral Bosnia 1

Funeral Bosnia

I had to go to Bosnia for a funeral. After work went home and later in the evening we packed and drove off. Earl in the morning we arrived at Jelaške. Later in the...

meja, zastoj

55 hours to Bosnia and back

In these corona times and during the holidays, getting to Bosnia and coming back in 2 days was a challenge. However, this was not a holiday but a vis major. The following is a...