Banja Luka, Kotor Varoš & Zenica

I had to visit family in May in Bosnia. But plans were constantly changing. In the end I went there just for a bit more over one day. After work meeting in Maribor on Friday I was tired and fall asleep early. I woke up at 4 am, bought vignette online (110 €) and drove toward Banja Luka. Road was empty and I passed Croatian border with just slowing down. Around Zagreb there were many road recostruction sites that prolonged ride (highway 0.9 € and 7.1€). At Gradiška border there were some trucks but I passed them and had no problem entering Bosnia with just ID.

On the highway I arrived to Banja Luka. Still early in the Saturday morning I parked close to Borac Stadium. From there I walked a bit in city center, draw some cash from ATM (200 BAM=102.26 €). On my way I saw: Holy Trinity Orthodox church, Cathedral of Saint Bonaventure, National Theatre, Banski Dvor, Christ the Savior Orthodox Cathedral, Museum of Contemporary Art, Gosopska aka Veselin Masleša street, Boska and crocked clok at Krajina square, Ferhadija 16th century mosque – rebuilt after it was destroyed in last war, Safikada’s grave and Kastel before crossing river Vrbas to sit in ćevabdžinica Kod Muje for banjalučki ćevapi and Nektar beer (20.5 BAM, 2 portions and beer). On way back to car bougth pie from sač, 8.5 BAM.

I returned to car and drove to Kotor Varoš. Around 10 am I suprised mother and aunt. After streching my back a bit I went to graveyard to pay my respects and walk to other side of the town.

In the afternoon, after shower and lunch (string beans) it was time to move to Zenica. I took longer road while there were landslide bacuse of heavy rains in recent days. Stopped over for gas (2.56 BAM=1.3 €). We arrived there around 9 pm to cousin’s place. We visted him after he had operation week before. After nice chat and one move it was time for bed.

Next morning it was again time for early start. We were on the road again a bit after 5 am. On regional road we came to border with Croatia at Slavnoski brod, around 25 minutes we lost there. Soon after croossing we rested at one dinner with coffee and nice pancakes, 13 €, toilet 0.5 €. From there on highway (10.8 € and 0.9 €) to Slovenia.

In Slovenia it was time for one more stop at Kostanjevica na Krki. Quick walk around and sitting for coffee in shadow. On way to home one more pit stop, gasoline was 1.75 €. Finally I was home, tired and getting ready for football match in Italy.

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