Naples 2022 summary

With colleagues, we decided to visit Naples and see one football match there. We finalized the game on the 11th of September against Spezia. Besides that, we tried to experience the city a bit so we flew there on Saturday the 10th in the early morning and returned in the evening on Monday the 12th. At that time we saw the game, enjoyed good food, and walked around Naples, Pompei, and Sorento. It was partially low budget and partially we spend some more money.

Naples 2022 summary 1
Team with Maradona in the background (photo by Robert)

Daily review


Naples 2022 summary 2
Bus, plane, metro, ferry

With a car to Venice airport and back (Borut and Robert drove), 8 €. Parking at airport 38 €. Bus to city 5 €, 25 min ride. Daily public transport ticket 5 € (to the apartment, to the stadium, and back). Return bus ticket to Pompei 20 € (less than 1 h, a train would be cheaper but there were problems on the line). Return ferry ticket to Sorrento 28 € (40 min one way; train again would be cheaper but slower). Taxi to airport 5 € per person (same as the bus, 20 min). Return flight by Ryanair 70 € (a bit more than 1h). Altogether a bit less than 200 €. We could save some money on cheaper means of transport but it would take more time.


Naples 2022 summary 3
Kitchen table to eat

We took apartment and two rooms at Dumo residence. It was around 600 € for 2 nights and 5 people. The place was nice, newly refurnished, and clean. The location was perfect, between the port and historical center, 500 meters away from the main station. The apartment had a TV for games, even a great balcony (smoking), and a table where we had breakfast and dinner. I would highly recommend this place.

Food and drinks

Naples 2022 summary 4
On top pasta, on bottom pizzas

Everybody knows about pizza in Italy. So we tried a few options and it was great (dough, ingredients). The next food you must try in Italy is pasta. We tried one with seafood in Naples and one with meatballs in Sorrento. Breakfasts and dinners we had in the apartment, we bought different kinds of salami, cheese, pickled onions, and cucumbers, … Everything was really tasty.

Naples 2022 summary 5
Beer on the plane, no need for a mask

Beer (3 dl) on the plane was 6 €. Beer in Napoli was between 4 and 7 € in bars/restaurants and 1.5-2.5 € in shops. The wine was between 1 and 2 € for dl. In these parts also limoncello (liquor from lemons) is produced and we tried it; sweet and strong.


Naples 2022 summary 6
Sights: Galeria, Spanish quarter, Muriel, Pompei, cathedral, Sorrento

In Naples, it is interesting to visit the historical city center. The main attraction would be the cathedral (Cattedrale di San Gennaro), Spanish quarter (Quartieri Spagnoli) with Maradona murale. Close to the city, there is Pompei’s archeological site, a city from antiquity that was preserved by volcano ashes. Also, we visited Sorrento, a town on the cliff. with nice


Altogether was between 400 and 500 €. The biggest cost was all transportation costs 200 €. In the second place, it was accommodation 120 €. Food and drink would be somewhere similar. And a smaller amount for attractions and souvenirs.


Before we left home, we read that FFP2 masks were obligatory at the airport. On arrival nobody had it. On the airplane some people wear it, but it was not obligatory. Also in Naples, in shops, restaurants, and attractions just a few people wore it. So wearing a mask is an individual choice.

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