Ljubljana Trieste Palermo

Woke up late, went to the bathroom, finished packing, ate 2 chicken steaks. Špela first picked Boško than me at 11h. Easy ride to Trieste airport, Boško didn’t like Špela’s driving.

Ljubljana Trieste Palermo 1

We were early so we played a few games. After passing all controls we sat at the gates, solving Sudoku. Then we watched sky jumps where Slovenian girls won gold and bronze medal. Many Slovenians at the airport celebrated. I even got one phone call and SMS from Slovenia on this topic.

Ljubljana Trieste Palermo 2

Next was flight. I didn’t pick the best tactics for occupying empty seats. I bought beer to be without a mask, 5€. The airport in Palermo was not nice. Caught bus 6,3 to center.

Ljubljana Trieste Palermo 3

Walked around the center, some streets full of life, some streets empty. Saw a few churches, theaters, and parks. I bought a beer in a shop 1,5 €. We tried some strange street food, experienced local bakery and pizza 2 €, passed chaotic market.

Ljubljana Trieste Palermo 4

Finally, we were in an Airbnb flat. The owner was an older lady and it took some time to explain everything and to check-in. Strange flat but all had separate rooms with bathroom.

Ljubljana Trieste Palermo 5

After a bit of chilling, we went out for dinner. Tried a few places but no luck. We settled for a kebab in Tunisian place with beer, 30 €. Waited for meal 1h but it passed fast in good company. Walked back and finished in bed before 23h.

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