Paris #5

I was early awake, 6:30. After packing I had to say goodby to my great hosts. I missed a train 4,2 €, the phone was dead, I was recharging it at the flower shop. So when I was too late for meeting Katja we rescheduled it for the evening.

Paris #5 1

I bought for 6,8 € a daily ticket and again around the city, in the shop, I spent 3 €, in the bar, I spent for coffee 2 € but I got internet access and phone charged. I took a walk around small streets. Somewhere on the way, I bought a bad tuna sandwich 2,1 €.

Paris #5 2

Went to Gallery Lafayette, shops in nice surroundings. The weather was getting sour, so at Pont Neuf, in Square du Vert-Galant park I relaxed with Bijelo dugme music. At Galleni I bought bus tickets for the next day. I visited Père Lachaise Cemetery again, found Chopin grave. One girl was crying there?

Paris #5 3

Outside the cemetery, there was some kind of Caribbean festival. I listened to samba a bit before I left. In a fancy bar, I watched the first game (first half time) where I had juice 5,8 €. It was time to move to Katja’s place. There I had soup, took a shower. I went out for a second game with Katja, Teja, and Patrick. The round was 25 €, waiters waited just for the game to end in the bar (after penalties, 4:3 Netherlands:Costa Rica). From there it was a nice walk home (Alle de Cygnes – Statue of Liberty). I fell asleep at 3 AM.

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