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Flight to Madagascar, Africa

On way back

The first flight was around 11 hours. I slept most of the time. It looks like we were tired as all 3 of us missed the first meal on the plane. At CDG airport...

transport on bike, madagascar

Madagascar flight

A day before it was long hours at work. After work, I had a few beers with Borut and Miriam. After diner, I started packing. I had a problem finding some stuff. I talked...

paris_moulin rouge

Paris – Belgium 1.7-9.7. 2014

At my job at the time, things were not great and I was a bit under the weather. I was at home looking at what is a possible flight from nearby aeroports and found...

Leaving Paris for Ghent 1

Leaving Paris for Ghent

Wake up late around 9AM. After the shower, I packed and went out in bad weather for shopping Champs Elysees, 3,4 € train. While girls were too choosy I bought one plain Benetton black...

Galeries Lafayette, Pariz, France

Paris #5

I was early awake, 6:30. After packing I had to say goodby to my great hosts. I missed a train 4,2 €, the phone was dead, I was recharging it at the flower shop....

Paris #4 2

Paris #4

I woke up at 7:30, it was a slow morning, I left the apartment at 11h. First I went shopping 3 € and from there I was on my way to Versailles and it...

paris_moulin rouge

Paris #3

After early rise at 6:30 I slowly prepared plan for the day. Bought some groceries at shop 4 €. From there I went to Montmartre and there were a lot of stairs. I was...

Paris #2 3

Paris #2

It was late waking up for me at 9 AM. After some tea, I went to Luxembourg park with Sylvia and Arthur. There Arthur played with toy ships in the pond. Later he went...

trieste airport


After not long sleep, I had breakfast and finished with the bathroom. Sister took me to the bus station at 7 AM. It was a rainy day. I took a shuttle from GoOpti to...