To Napoli

With coworkers, we agreed to go for a city break to Napoli and to see a game. On Saturday evening they picked me up at home at 2 AM. We drove to Nova Gorica where we moved to Robert’s car after a cigarette and coffee.

To Napoli 1

On the drive to Venice airport, there was a detour. We had some problems finding our way because of the lack of signs. In the end, we speed up to arrive on time. In the parking lot again some problems. After security, some went to the lounge and others to the gate.

To Napoli 2

The flight to Napoli with Ryanair (70€ both ways) was nothing special, a nice view of Venice lagoon, the beer was 6 €, and the seat in the aisle, the seat next to me was empty.

To Napoli 3
Venice lagoon

On arrival, we went with Alibus (5 €, vending machine) to the central station. When we got off the bus it started to rain, with really bad humidity. We took the metro to our accommodation (daily ticket 5 €). There we left our bags (120 € for 2 nights) and moved to the center.

To Napoli 4
Galeria Umberto I

At Galeria Umberto I, we tried to buy tickets but the shop was closed. We went for a drink and a snack, 10 €. Tickets were 40 € for the game Napoli:Spezia.

To Napoli 5
Maradona muriel

From there we went to the Spanish quartet and saw Maradona’s Muriel (he is still celebrated there as a saint). For lunch, we ate great capriccioso pizza, 34 € with drinks.

To Napoli 6

Now we took the train to the stadium Maradona. Again rain and time for a drink. I bought a Napoli fan scarf for 5 €, beer inside for 4 €. At the stadium, it was hot like in hell. The game was not the best. A few minutes before the end we left to avoid crowds and Napol scored for the win at that moment.

Before returning to the apartment some of us went shopping, for 14 €. In the apartment we set for dinner and had a few drinks (wine) while watching a volleyball game, Slovenia lost and we went to bed tired.

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